The Women Of Block 12: Voices From A Jail Ministry by Linda Pischke

Author, Linda Pischke kept promising the Lord she would work for him someday - someday, when she had some time and knew what it was He wanted her to do. Her life had been filled with middle-class responsibilities like raising children, working full-time as a nursing home social worker and acquiring material things. Then in her late mid-life, she recognized her benevolence resume was sorely lacking.

In 2002, Linda was introduced to Papa Joe, a retired priest and chaplain of the local county jail. "It was Father Joe who called me," the author explained, describing God's nudging at her conscience to become involved in jail ministry. And she was certain the call was a mistake. How could God possibly use a lukewarm Christian with poor self-esteem and personal biases against criminals to minister to inmates?

Joe invited her to Sunday services and Linda's life changed direction. She agreed to write the jail newsletter, something Joe explained was an "answer to his prayers." She believed her offer would meet God's requirements for service with the added benefit that she wouldn't have to get up close and personal with the inmates.

But another 'call' brought her to Block 12, a holding unit for women waiting trial and Linda found herself leading a weekly writing class.

The Women Of Block 12: Voices From A Jail Ministry is a journey of growth and discovery. Linda began her ministry believing that she would be the teacher and the women her students. She discovered God had another plan. As the prisoners revealed their deepest personal experiences, the author realized she had much to learn about faith, courage and what it means to be a friend.

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